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Тематический туризм в Санкт-Петербурге
Санкт-Петербург – это уникальное туристическое направление. Благодаря своему месторасположению, истории, архитектуре, известным историческим личностям, произведениям литературы с мировой известностью, а также уникальному сочетанию красоты окружающей природы и шедевров разных направлений искусства последних трех столетий, Северная столица может предложить туристам широчайший спектр впечатлений.
Мы предлагаем Вашему вниманию подборку материалов, подготовленных для различной целевой аудитории с учетом тематической направленности путешествия.

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Events in Saint-Petersburg
In our country, St. Petersburg is rightly called the "Northern capital". The city also has other honorary statuses. In the world it is the northernmost metropolis, which is home to more than a million people. According to this year's data, the population of St. Petersburg is almost 5 400 000 inhabitants. The city stretches over an area of about 1, 5 thousand km2. On the European continent in terms of population it occupies an honorable 3rd place. The city has a rich history, during its existence it has changed several names. The founder named it St. Petersburg in honor of Peter, the most famous Saint of Orthodox Christians. It was renamed Petrograd in 1914 and Leningrad in 1924. The original name returned to the metropolis in 1991. The city has a unique, distinctive aura, attracts tourists in all seasons. In summer, hundreds of fountains work in St. PETERSBURG, romantics enjoy the mysterious "white nights". In the spring the city is dawning with a thousand tulips, delicate blossoms of the Japanese Sakura. In the winter months it turns into a huge magical Christmas decoration. In autumn, numerous parks of the metropolis and suburbs wear luxurious outfits of gold and crimson. The city has more than 3.5 thousand unique attractions, each tourist easily finds the most interesting places. you can Book a hotel in St. Petersburg on our website at any time of the year.
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Main objects of the tourist capital
The list of the most important sights is in every city. St. Petersburg is no exception. Every tourist who comes to the metropolis, considers a must visit: Palace square, Hermitage's, Main headquarters, Petropavlovskaya fortress, Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral, The Mikhailovsky castle, Cabinet of curiosities, Summer garden, Field of Mars, monument to the Bronze horseman. Many hotels in St. Petersburg include a range of educational tours. It is not necessary to limit yourself to these famous objects. In the city there are other, no less interesting places. Movie lovers can go to the Country on the Stone island, to see the filming of famous films. Those wishing to admire the stunning panoramas can climb to the observation deck of St. Isaac's Cathedral on a summer night or go to the metro station "Novokrestovskaya", where you can see cruise ships, fantastic bridges, a giant stadium "Gazprom". In winter and summer, fans gather in the "New Holland", skate on the rink or have picnics on the grass. On Saturdays, fans of Latin American dances can enjoy their favorite tango, Latin on the Spit of Vasilievsky island. A great family vacation can be organized on the "Divo island", which by the number of attractions is not inferior to the famous "Disneyland". Admirers of historical, cultural, architectural attractions should visit the Yusupov Palace, museums Suvorov and Faberge, artillery and Navy. There are also modern, creative objects in St. Petersburg. These include the Museum "universe of water", "Erarta" and "street art", "Grand Layout", "Peter's water". Tourists have a great opportunity to choose places for walks, during which you can see a lot of unique objects. The Trinity bridge overlooks the Peter and Paul fortress and the beautiful mosque, which is the northernmost Islamic temple. Then you can go down the road to see several mythical figures of Shi Tzu, the first building of the city on the Neva river – the house of Emperor Peter I. it is Worth a little walk along this promenade to look at the Finland station, the Church belonging to the prison "Crosses". No less interesting is a walk on the other side of the river. Here is the Smolny Cathedral, the famous gray cubic building "Big house" – the fiefdom (formerly KGB), as well as the Summer Palace of Peter in the Summer garden. One of the symbols of the city is an openwork wrought-iron lattice, on the edges of which there are bridges: Swan and Laundry. The most popular hotels of St. Petersburg are located on the embankments. Guests have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful views from the Windows of the rooms. In St. Petersburg, several viewing platforms, allowing, without making long walks, to see the most famous sights. In order to enjoy the amazing panoramas, you can climb the bell tower of the Peter and Paul fortress, the colonnade of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the belfry of the Smolny Cathedral. The walls of the Peter and Paul fortress provide an opportunity to pass a special species route, which is called "Nevsky panorama". You can also admire the unusually beautiful views of the city: On the terrace located on the roof of the shopping Mall "Gallery". Admission is free, chairs are installed. From the balcony of the Mariinsky theatre-2. You can come only an hour before the performance, you need to buy a ticket. From the roof of the loft project "Floors", located on the prosp. Ligovsky. You can climb it at any time of the day. Recently in St. Petersburg began working amazing attraction. This is an air lift, a balloon filled with helium, lifting to a height of 150 meters, which offers a stunning panorama of the metropolis. The attraction is located at the hotel "St. Petersburg". The metropolis is considered to be tolerant, multi-confessional. In a small area on Nevsky Prospekt located temples: Orthodox, the Armenian Apostolic, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Protestant. There is a mosque in the city, the largest in the region, a Buddhist datsan, a choral synagogue, a Catholic Cathedral. Whether you are going to the "Northern capital" for tourism, business or pilgrimage, our website will assist you in organizing your trip. Here you can book a hotel in St. Petersburg, exactly corresponding to your wishes and opportunities. Make a good choice will help you detailed information about hotels, accommodation, services, prices.
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