Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 generates bright photos from the last days in the festival schedule

Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 generates bright photos from the last days in the festival schedule

Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 generates bright photos from the last days in the festival schedule, including with star guests. The most striking star of the event in the Northern Capital of the Russian Federation, the majority of visitors was recognized by the British actor Ivan Reon. The 34-year-old star of the “Game of Thrones” from the very beginning of the festival on May 17, 2019 surprised Russians with the good-natured and laudatory odes to the “City on the Field”. Towards the end of the schedule, the star guest completely dispersed in kindness and simply walked around the festival, hugging fans.

In addition to interesting filling with entertainments for all 3 days of the festival and sweet Ivan Reon, visitors to Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 also liked the exclusive premiere of the film “Burn, Burn Clear” from James Gunn.

Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019, ending in St. Petersburg on the evening of May 19, 2019, was held in the Cultural Capital of Russia for the fifth time. Since 2015, Peter has been one of two cities that have been honored to have the official patronage of the Comic Con franchise event, as part of the Russian block of the Comic Con Russia festival. Fans of geek culture, comics, cosplay, video games, superheroes, anime, feature films, cartoons and other massively popular cultural attributes, gathered in Petrograd every spring for the past 4 years to stay in their own atmosphere.

The plus of the fact that St. Petersburg received the official status of a city hosting Comic Con from the main organizer from San Diego is, first of all, financing. Funds really began to be allocated at this level of the geek festival, pavilions were arranged on themes, star guests were invited, and the audience of St. Petersburg Comedian Kon grew from year to year.

As a result, it turned out to be quite logical that for 2 days out of 3 planned for Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 it was recognized as the largest and most interesting in history. Photos published by guests and participants of the festival showed an unprecedented level of occupancy at the LenExpo premises. The bright decoration of the premises, a lot of interesting entertainments and foreign stars with the premieres of major Hollywood films on the stage of Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019, only strengthened the idea of ​​the exceptional success of the event this year. At the same time, Petersburgers have 1 more ahead of them, the last day of the festival is May 19, 2019, when the Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 will solemnly close.

In addition to the fact that ordinary guests of Comic Con, as well as cosplayers, comic authors and other figures of pop culture, actively published photos from the past two days of Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019, there was another aspect of the event that was pleasant to the Russians this year. Together with the average representatives of various projects and invited experts on writing comics from Moscow or Yekaterinburg, the popular British actor Ivan Reon was invited to star guests. He is best known for playing one of the most creepy and repulsive villains of the Game of Thrones series - Ramsey Snow (Bolton).

As it turned out, the main star of Comic Con in St. Petersburg in 2019, in life, an incredibly cute and friendly young man. First, having arrived in the former Leningrad a couple of days before the festival, Ivan Reon began to speak incredibly eloquently about the city in his social networks. In the comments, the residents of St. Petersburg wrote that the actor could just be seen walking on the Fontanka or near the Hermitage, hug him, take a picture and ask for an autograph. Ivan Reon proved his exceptional goodwill and good naturedness at Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 on May 17 and 18. He took pictures and greeted literally everyone, always smiled, randomly hugged people in the hall and raised the mood for everyone who came.

The most colorful, interesting and kind (thanks to Ivan Reon) Comic Con Saint Petersburg festival should end on May 19, 2019. The third day will be completely devoted to the results of cosplay contests, games, best comics, final performances and photo / autograph sessions of stars like Ivan Reon and domestic geek bloggers and authors, as well as other ceremonial moments of the closing of a large-scale event.

But as a kind of dessert, on May 19, 2019 at 16:00 Moscow time, the schedule of Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 includes one of the most interesting entertainments. We are talking about the exclusive, pre-rental premiere of the film "Burn, Burn Clearly" by James Gunn, who tells the story of an evil superhero teenager. With this premiere, and several more photo shoots, Comedian Cohn in St. Petersburg in 2019 will finally end.