Museum Night, Comic Con and kites: how to spend May 18-19 in St. Petersburg. News - St. Petersburg. Metro

Museum Night, Comic Con and kites: how to spend May 18-19 in St. Petersburg. News - St. Petersburg. Metro

On Saturday, May 18, at 6 p.m. Petersburg will join the international action dedicated to the World Museum Day. Museum of the Medical University - "debutant" of the "Nights of Museums". On Saturday, the most courageous people in it will be taught to provide first aid, to sew up wounds, to perform laparoscopic operations, and will introduce the basics of forensic examination. One of the largest projects of Museum Nights is the Scientific Quarter, an open-air festival sponsored by UNESCO.

From 13:00 to 15:00 in the Murinsky Park (the square from Rodeo Drive shopping and entertainment complex to the square opposite Lunacharsky 78), the Open City Festival of Kites "Clear Sky!" Dedicated to Children's Public Associations Day will be held. 83 teams of children's public associations from all regions will launch kites into the sky made during the preparatory stages.

From May 17 to May 19, the largest festival Comic Con Saint Petersburg will be held. Guests of the convention will be celebrities: Ivan Reon (Game of Thrones, Dregs), Brian Descartes and Amelia Rose Blair (Detroit: Become Human), Stefan Kapichich (Deadpool, Deadpool 2), the organizers said. Comics creators on the Walk of Authors: Dalibor Talazic, Matt Hollinsworth, John JaGo Guerra, Matteo Scalera, Berliac and dozens of Russian comic artists. And at the festival you are waiting for the presentation of comic publishing houses.

May 18 at 12:00 on Malaya Konyushennaya Street the grand opening of the Book Alleys will take place. The literary space will work daily from 10:00 to 22:00 until September 21. On the day of the grand opening, a concert of the jazz band Grisha Esperov band will take place. In 40 pavilions, St. Petersburg residents and visitors will be offered more than 50,000 titles of books. First of all, these are the books of St. Petersburg writers, local history literature, book novelties and, of course, the most popular books for children.

On May 18, a new large-scale exhibition of street art, “At least Stop, Fall,” will open at the Museum of Street Art, which will run until October 13, 2019 & nbsp; The project will bring together more than 35 artists from Russia and Europe, including & nbsp; Vitaly Pushnitsky, Vladimir Abikh, Glory ATGM, Frenchman OX, German Kevin and many others. In the exposition space, which is located both on the street and inside the building, objects of street art, public art, canvases, audio and video installations will be presented.

May 18, 2019 at 14:00 in the Lake Dolgoe park, the regional festival of children's creativity "Different among equals" will open as part of the social and cultural project Together! The event is aimed at creating an inclusive environment for children with special needs, when together with adults and peers they can play, learn something new, participate in contests and engage in creativity. The program includes master classes, a concert on stage, sports games and canis therapy.

May 19, 2019 for the third time will be the all-Russian half marathon "ZaBeg". Tens of thousands of people in 19 cities of Russia will start at the same time, regardless of time zones.

May 19 at 17.00 in the Holy Trinity Alexander Nevsky Lavra with the blessing of Metropolitan Barsanuphius, the Feast of Sobriety will begin with a prayer "On the Sober Revival of Russia" and a procession. At 18.30 a tea party for everyone; at 19.00 a festive concert will be held.

The Belarusian hip-hop project announces a large-scale batch on & nbsp; St. Petersburg land. First, LSP was a solo project of the Minsk singer and songwriter Oleg Savchenko, then transformed into a duet, and by now has grown to an impressive quintet.

Sasha Ring, better known as Apparat, delicately balances between IDM and techno, decorating an already refined electronic canvas with lots of live instruments. A participant in the most important European festivals, the author of soundtracks for famous films and series, in 2018 the musician worked intensively on a new album, which will be released right before the start of the first European tour in several years. So Petersburgers are lucky to be one of the first to hear new tracks live.

On May 18, the performance "The Big Secret for a Small Company!" Will be shown on the stage of the Concert Hall near Finland Station. The performance will feature well-known and new songs specially created for the Cannon Theater by S. Nikitin to verses by Yu. Morits. Funny and touching, such as “Rubber Hedgehog”, “A dog can only be bitten by the life of a dog,” and, of course, “A Great Secret for a Small Company,” young spectators will probably want to sing along with the heroes of our story. And we give mothers and fathers, grandparents an opportunity to remember their childhood, smile or brush a tear from their eyes ...

On May 18-19, the regional festival "Smelt is coming" will be held in the city of Novaya Ladoga. For convenience, on May 18, three buses will run between St. Petersburg and Novaya Ladoga. Shuttles will be equipped with identification marks with the festival logo.