Performer of the role of Colossus Stefan Kapichich will visit Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019

Performer of the role of Colossus Stefan Kapichich will visit Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019

We already said that the organizers of the Comic Con Saint Petersburg 2019 festival of pop culture announced the invitation of three special guests: Ivan Reon (Ramsey from Game of Thrones, Simon from the Garbage), a pair of actors Brian Descartes and Amelia Rose Blair (Detroit: Become Human) and Italian artist Matteo Scalera (Marvel comics, "Black Science").

It's time to name another celebrity - it became the Serbian actor Stefan Kapichich, best known for both parts of Deadpool, where he embodied Colossus using mocap technology. In addition, Kapichich appeared in the series “Better Call Saul” and the animated project “Love, Death, and Robots” (in the novel about Russian partisans).

The actor can be found at the BUBBLE publishing house all three days, where he will give autographs and take pictures with everyone. In addition, Kapichich will perform on the stage, where he will share his impressions from the shootings in the Marvel comic book films and tell you how it feels to play Russian in Hollywood.

The first St. Petersburg Comic Con this year will be held from May 17 to 19 at LenExpo, Pavilion 7. Tickets are already on sale & nbsp; on the festival website.

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