Picture of the day: fire at the CHP in Mytishchi and the new head coach of SKA

Picture of the day: fire at the CHP in Mytishchi and the new head coach of SKA

The main news, according to the "Monitor", was the fire of the gas pipeline section near the Northern CHP in Mytishchi. The first to be reported were PD (11:55), Nevsky Novosti (12:25) and 47news (12:30).

A signal about a fire came to the Ministry of Emergency Situations on Thursday, July 11, at 11:11. The fire was assigned the third difficulty level. 178 people and 82 pieces of equipment, two helicopters and two fire trains participated in the elimination of the fire.

The height of the flame exceeded the height of a nine-story building. At 12:38, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported the elimination of flaring.

As a result of the fire, a woman died, she worked as a security guard. The Ministry of Emergencies also reported 13 victims: one of them was hospitalized, the rest was provided with medical care on the spot. & Nbsp;

In the event of a fire, the UK instituted criminal proceedings. The fire caused damage of at least 150 million rubles. Causes of fire unknown. According to Interfax, a fire could have occurred due to damage to the gas pipeline during construction work.

The second news of the day, according to the Monitor, was the appointment of Alexei Kudashov as SKA head coach. More quickly than anybody wrote about it, “78” (July 10 at 21:20) and DP (21:55).

Kudashov was previously responsible for the attacking actions of SKA players. Anvar Gatiyatulin will continue to be responsible for organizing and building the game in the defense zone. Igor Efimov entered the coaching staff. & Nbsp;

Former head coach Ilya Vorobyev left the St. Petersburg hockey team. He will not lead the Russian national hockey team. Kudashov will also take his place.

The third news, according to the “Monitor”, was the beginning of the felling of a birch grove in Murinsky Park, despite the protests of citizens. The first to be informed about this were Fontanka (13:30), AiF (14:40) and 78 (18:15).

The part that will go under the construction of the second stage of the Nova Arena sports complex of the Anna Nova company is being cleared of trees. & Nbsp;

According to the members of the group “For the preservation of the Murinsky Park” in “VKontakte”, the developer promised to transplant trees, and not cut them down.

A fun walk for one day or even for the whole weekend. Overlooking the bay, with a concert on the roof, with bromescans near Brodsky and with an endless atmosphere of art.

Unusual spices and oils, natural snacks and eco-cosmetics you can hardly find on the shelves of the nearest supermarket. But in the Northern capital there are places where all this is sold (and at an adequate price).

In the world of running, an infinite number of starts: from several meters to thousands of kilometers, from stadiums to mountain peaks. The races unite, disconnect, change names, distances, logos and sponsors, but the World Marathon Majors has remained the most popular series of marathons for several years - the six main races of the world that came together to unite others.

Stone arches, tall narrow turrets, forged spiers on the roof, high windows, stained glass windows - all this is a mysterious and majestic Gothic style.