Picture of the day: Zenit championship parade and claims of St. Petersburg Vodokanal

Picture of the day: Zenit championship parade and claims of St. Petersburg Vodokanal

The main topic of the day, according to “Monitor”, was the date of the Zenit championship parade in & nbsp; Petersburg. The first to write about this were Nevsky Novosti (18:20), Business Petersburg (18:30) and & nbsp; Arguments and & nbsp; facts in & nbsp; Petersburg (18:35).

The holiday in the honor of the victory of the players in the Russian Championship will take place on May 26, May, when City Day will be celebrated. First, the players will pass on the ship on the rivers and canals of St. Petersburg, after which they will travel on the Northern capital on the bus.

“The blue-white-blue flotilla, in the & nbsp; which will include ships with & nbsp; fans, will start moving from & nbsp; the intersection of the Kryukov Canal and the & nbsp; Griboedov Canal. The final point of the water part of the parade will be the pier at the & nbsp; Sheremetev Palace. Then the team will transfer to the & nbsp; golden bus and & nbsp; go along & nbsp; Nevsky Prospect in the & nbsp; side of the Admiralty. The final point of the parade will be the Petrovsky Stadium, where the team will go through the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island ”, & nbsp; - noted in the press service of the“ Zenith ”.

Zenit became the champion of the 2018/19 season for & nbsp; three rounds before & nbsp; the end of the Russian Championship. Petersburgers won the & nbsp; tournament for the fifth time in & nbsp; history.

The second topic, according to the “Monitor”, was the statement of Larisa Luppian for the position of artistic director of the Lensovet Theater. Faster than all about & nbsp; ethos told Regnum (16:50), Shuum.ru, "Business Petersburg" (17:20).

People’s Artist of Russia and & nbsp; Mikhail Boyarsky’s wife was officially appointed to & nbsp; the position of artistic director on May 21. About & nbsp; this was reported in the & nbsp; press service of the Committee on & nbsp; culture of St. Petersburg.

“We & nbsp; hope the theater has found a creative director who can find an important balance between the interests of a wide range of spectators and & nbsp; artists of the troupe. I am sure that the authority of Larisa Reginaldovna in the & nbsp; professional community will help in & nbsp; attracting to & nbsp; work on the productions of the most sought-after directors, "& nbsp; - said the head of the department, Konstantin Sukhenko.

Larisa Luppian performs at the & nbsp; Theater & nbsp; them. Lensoviet since & nbsp; 1974 & nbsp; year. She replaced Yuri Butusov at the post of the artistic director, who left the theater in the spring of 2018 due to disagreements with the & nbsp; director and & nbsp; officials.

The third topic, according to the & nbsp; version of the "Monitor", was the claims of the St. Petersburg Vodokanal against debtors. Promptly about all & nbsp; this was reported by Delovoy Peterburg (14:00), Nevsky Novosti (14:05).

"Vodokanal" sent to the & nbsp; court more than 2 & nbsp; thousand lawsuits against subscribers. The total amount of debts exceeded 932 million rubles.

In the & nbsp; enterprise, it was noted that according to the & nbsp; status on & nbsp; 1 & nbsp; May, more than 3.2 & nbsp; thousand were in the & nbsp; courts. claims on & nbsp; the amount of more than 1.35 billion rubles.

A fun walk for one day or even for the whole weekend. Overlooking the bay, with a concert on the roof, with bromescans near Brodsky and with an endless atmosphere of art.

Unusual spices and oils, natural snacks and eco-cosmetics you can hardly find on the shelves of the nearest supermarket. But in the Northern capital there are places where all this is sold (and at an adequate price).

In the world of running, an infinite number of starts: from several meters to thousands of kilometers, from stadiums to mountain peaks. The races unite, disconnect, change names, distances, logos and sponsors, but the World Marathon Majors has remained the most popular series of marathons for several years - the six main races of the world that came together to unite others.

Stone arches, tall narrow turrets, forged spiers on the roof, high windows, stained glass windows - all this is a mysterious and majestic Gothic style.