"Rotonda" fulfilled an order to defend Vishnevsky, accused of harassment »Evening courier - Latest interesting news, events, facts today

Rotonda fulfilled an order to defend Vishnevsky, accused of harassment »Evening courier - Latest interesting news, events, facts today

Member of the St. Petersburg Parliament and lecturer at the Russian State Pedagogical University named after Herzen Boris Vishnevsky decided to rehabilitate his "tarnished" sex scandal reputation. For this, he allegedly used the Rotonda Telegram channel.

The parliamentarian duplicated the recording of the "Rotunda" with a call to provide financial assistance to the channel. Later, journalists of the channel published a post refuting the accusations of Vishnevsky in the harassment of students. It is noteworthy that previously the channel did not comment on this sensitive topic and the publication in defense of Vishnevsky appeared exactly after his repost of the sponsorship appeal.

If you analyze the records of the "Rotunda", it is easy to notice that paid posts there are not uncommon. Positive records about Vishnevsky and MP Maxim Reznik already appeared on the channel when he became a defendant in the drug scandal. Both parliamentarians are friends of parliament speaker Vyacheslav Makarov.

Earlier in the media there was information that the "Rotunda" is controlled by Makarov. Apparently, after the scandal with students, Vishnevsky turned for help to the speaker of ZakS, who could help him with the help of a telegram channel.

The post on financial assistance helped Vishnevsky not spend money on paying for services, and Rotonda got a place for advertising in the deputy’s telegram channel. However, the tarnished reputation of the participants will affect and the PR maneuver will not give the desired result.

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