What is being mined in St. Petersburg today. News. A photo

What is being mined in St. Petersburg today. News. A photo

A wave of mines reached St. Petersburg. On a call, schools and shopping centers are being evacuated. "Fontanka" online will monitor the situation in the city. We also ask our readers to send photos and reports of mining cases through the form on our website.

In St. Petersburg, 17.5 thousand people were evacuated from schools, hospitals, shopping centers and administrative buildings in a day, the press service of the rule of law committee said. A total of 55 cases of false mining were recorded.

Dear readers of Fontanka, please share your experience of how long your offices, shopping centers, and schools checked at you if you became eyewitnesses of today's commotion. Email us at [email protected]

I am the grandmother of one of the students of school 482 near the metro Parnas. Today there was an evacuation at school, a huge number of children. There was bustle, a sea of ​​children, an ambulance, police, firefighters.

The children were taken to the stadium, there is a sea of ​​snow, it's cold, not everyone managed to change clothes. In this fuss, it was not easy for teachers, but also for children. I saw everything through the window, my house next to the school stadium. My granddaughter also goes to this school. When my daughter called me and said that the school was being evacuated, I immediately went to the window, I could not go out, very slippery and snowdrifts on the sidewalks.

I want to express my gratitude and huge thanks to the Pope of one of the boys of our class! Yes, yes, with a capital letter! The boy’s name is Cyril, but I don’t know how to dad. The granddaughter also does not know, and only told that his brother is studying at a school as an emergency cadet. He, as I saw, brought several pairs of mittens or gloves and distributed them to the kids, drank them all from a thermos and even dressed someone else's girl from school slippers with the boots he brought with him. I saw that I had collected the children from the snowdrifts, cleaned them up and entertained them in some way so that they would not cry or worry, and they would listen to him, clap their hands, stretch their hands, apparently answering questions. A teacher nearby also watched the children, noted them on the phone.

Then he built them in pairs and all the way when the children were taken to a distant kindergarten, watched, customized and aligned the teacher. And when some gazelle suddenly entered the school’s territory, where all the children were forced to climb around it through the snowdrifts, he talked with the driver and helped him drive forward to clear the way.

I went for my granddaughter, because they were transferred to kindergarten 9 on the other end of the street and she said that in that kindergarten that dad reassured children, commanded teachers to prevent strangers, entertained the children and helped to get neatly, called the children, when parents came.

In general, I want to sincerely thank him! For help, warmth and care! Maybe all of our officials will someday become like that and think like that about people, not within the framework of their duties, because he did not have to resort to and help, but at the behest of the Heart!

"In the 15-42 century, Narvskaya was closed due to the discovery of an ownerless item", & nbsp; - tells us the channel of the St. Petersburg metro in Telegram,

So far, there is no information whether the closure of Narvskaya is associated with today's boom with “mines,” but the fact remains: you can’t get to the station

Readers report that, although the checks have ended for the most part, the leadership of some medical institutions decided to pay attention that day: “We’re lying in the Alexander Hospital. The doctor came and said that all visits have been canceled for today. If something critical can be conveyed through security. There are a lot of police and fire engines on the territory. There is no panic. Everything is as it should. "

An employee of Fontanka, whose relative is also in this hospital, shared that the attempt to bring food had failed - visitors with packages were deployed at the entrance.

“They phoned from kindergarten 45 in the Petrograd region. They asked to pick up children because of the“ critical situation in the city. ”The teacher said that this order was from above,” the reader of Fontanka reports.

You know, jokes aside. Although memes and jokes about the annoying "carbon copy" news have already climbed over the networks. Despite the deliberate nature of the “email attacks” we received, our eternal neglect should never lose our vigilance. So we remind you how to behave, if that happens. We are not escalating, but still: warned, then armed.

Readers warn that you should not go shopping at the "Tape" on Tallinn - they will not be allowed anyway. Now the police are checking this shopping mall.

"Novotel" sheltered students of the mined school number 207, according to our readers, some children ran out in shorts and sneakers from a physical education lesson. The hotel complex provided students with a waiting room.

For more than an hour, students of school No. 405 in the Krasnogvardeisky district have not been able to pick up their portfolios and go home already. As the reader told Fontanka, children & nbsp; quickly brought out, but their bags and backpacks remained in the building.

"MEGA Dybenko was evacuated. All entrances to the shopping center are closed and there is a very large traffic jam for entry and exit," & nbsp; - the eyewitness reports.

Judging by the reports received by the editor, not all shopping complexes whose addresses were in the mass mailing of "explosive" letters received these messages. Or not everyone took into account.

It was the turn of the Neptune shopping and entertainment complex, readers of Fontanka write: “they will not let me in, there is a message about mining, there are police and firemen.”

They wanted to make news that the villains ignored the cultural institutions of St. Petersburg, but the committee on culture promised to clarify, suddenly, after all, someone ...

However, the press service of the department reminds us that now nobody is in the cultural sphere except museums. Concerts, theaters will be in the evening.

Dilute with a little good news. As the chief weather forecaster of the city, Alexander Kolesov, told us, January was a very sunny month when compared with 45 minutes of sun for the whole of December.

Given today, 10 hours of sunshine in 9 sunny days are expected. True, according to Kolesov, there were three days when the instruments did not record the rays from our luminary at all.

From the "Nevsky Town Hall" they report that the working day in the fresh air continues: they are waiting for dog handlers, who are still involved in other facilities.

If the local news about mining is fed up with you, then it’s always more interesting than a neighbor’s. Read the latest “explosive” messages from colleagues from Novosibirsk and Ufa, for example.

"Today, at about 10:30 in Kolpino City, in Children's City Hospital No. 22 on Zavodsky Prospekt, all procedures were canceled. All patients were in their Departments, and whoever comes daily, went home. Rather, there was also a message about mining," Stanislav said through form "Send your news!" on the site "Fontanka".

Pupils of school No. 207 in the center of St. Petersburg were allowed to go home after an anonymous report on mining. Fontanka readers report that children from elementary school began to call with "good news" around 12:00, after the third lesson. “We played at a break, the headmaster came, said,“ Calm, this is not an educational alarm, call your parents. ”After that, everyone dressed in orderly clothes and went outside. Now everyone is in the backyard of the school, where an extension usually walks. Some of the children have already been taken to their homes parents".

"The building of the Children's Hospital 22 in Kolpino was cordoned off. According to the employees, they’ll be allowed for 2 hours. They will not let anyone in until they evacuate anyone," eyewitnesses say.

A moment of useful information for those who have already been evacuated or in the near future will not be of their own free will on the street. Daily weather forecast in St. Petersburg: